3. Introduction

We, Group E, aim to find out what genres of music enhance the performance and accuracy of humans. 

Productivity is an extremely important factor for rising businesses. Say they have 50 workers all writing reports. 4 words per minute is helping each and every one of them to do better due to their playlist. 4 words per minute > 240 words per hour > 1200 words per 5 hours > 60,000 words per 5 hours with 50 workers. That is an insane number of words and can boost a company's productivity greatly, this is what we aim to achieve.

Accuracy is the second factor we are testing, important for students worldwide. No matter how fast you write, no matter how much you study, if you are careless, accuracy will tick away at your marks. We are testing our accuracy on the keyboard to ensure what genres of music affect ones accuracy helping greatly in studying to ensure they get over the learning curve of carelessness. This could save many students to secure a job, with that few marks kicking them up into a higher grade.

In Conclusion, with the research we are doing, we aim that this should help people of all kinds, to ensure that human productivity and accuracy is maximised without having to pressure themselves too far.