Annex E - Individual Reflections

In my experiences with ISS, I have realized that a backup plan is utmost priority lest your project fails. In that case, you need a backup backup plan as my group has required due to the inability of having a green thumb. We have changed our ISS project to NOTHING like our original project due to time constraints and this project seems like a last ditch effort, but seems to be pulling through. I have learnt to deal with my teammates being uncooperative with ideas and my overall ability to work in teams have increased drastically. Thus in my opinion, ISS is a great idea for most schools to incorporate to ensure that their partners in work in the future can get along well with one another and to also pull up their marks if they are not doing well in their Sciences. Thus in the end, I have grown in maturity in ISS to deal with my arguments with teammates so we can pull through and ensure we fulfill our general goal, to pass ISS in order to make it to the next year. My teammates have been very helpful throughout this period and I would like to give a thanks to them. We need to emphasize our energy in the future to ensure that our plan will succeed, not that our plan is the best. I conclude that ISS has been a fun, engaging experience that I think the future batches of SST should experience as well.